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SFC Starter Pack

SFC Starter Pack

Starting from $1,116.50 AUD

Purchased via: Downunder Pilot Shop

The SFC Starter Pack is a first of its kind. A curated collection of products designed in collaboration with Downunder Pilot Shop, one of the countries' leading aviation suppliers, to ensure all students starting their training have everything they need in an easy-to-understand kit.

Order yours today: first kits will be shipped before mid-May, just in time for students starting their courses in May and July.

Note: All links below and the 'buy now' button will redirect you to Downunder Pilot Shop.

This pack allows you to choose between 4 headsets. A low, mid and two high end options: (And complete kit cost with that option):

  • Rugged Air - RA200 ($1,151.50)
  • Haast - HA-600A with ANR/Bluetooth ($1,759.01)
  • Lightspeed - Dela Zulu with ANR/Bluetooth ($2,901.50)
  • Bose - A30 with ANR/Bluetooth ($2,952.50)

The pack comes with the following exclusive FREE products from Sydney Flying College:

  • SFC Branded Hat
  • SFC Branded Tie

The pack also contains a few products which require either size, version or amendment selection by you.

For this reason, the pack contains a voucher style gift card for the value of these items. Once you have purchased the pack, you'll recieve a voucher code so these items can then be selected and purchased when you like.

  • 2x Aerophoenix Elite Pilot Shirts (Mens or Womens)
  • 1x Pilot Uniform Trousers - Black (Mens or Womens)
  • ERSA - Spiral bound with RDS
  • AIP Complete
  • PCA - Planning Chart

Further details on how to use these vouchers can be found in the confirmation email after purchase, or in the guide: 'SFC Starter Pack' which can be found below.

The rest of the pack contains:

  • CASA Visual Flight Rules Guide
  • ATC Scale Rule 180NM
  • ATC Square Protractor
  • ASA E6B
  • Airservices Operational Clipboard
  • AIP 12 Month Amendment service
  • Epaulettes 1 Bar, Gold on Black
  • Logbook Cover/Protector
  • ASA Flight Bag
  • ASIC Card Holder (Black Dual Side)
  • Lanyard with Trigger Hook, Breakaway, Black
  • Alligator Clip with Pin (For ASIC Holder)

And the SFC Stationary Kit:

  • Pocket Notebook for flight
  • A4 Notebook
  • Mechanical Pencil
  • Eraser
  • Highlighter pack
  • Basic Calculator

This pack contains everything you need to kickstart your training with Sydney Flying College. The contents of this pack have been carefully chosen as the products most students will purchase within the first few months of their training. This also ensures all students starting with SFC have the correct equipment required by SFC to ensure training consistency.

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